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Difference between PMSBY and PMJJBY

Lots of People are asking about the difference between the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY). In this article I have tabulated the difference between both the schemes. Both the Schemes are available to the customer through their banker with auto debit of premium from their bank account annually in the month of May every year.

हिन्दी में पढेंजानिये PMSBY और PMJJBY के बीच क्या अंतर है।

These are the basis difference between the two schemes:

S. No. Feature and Eligibility Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY)
1 Age at entry 18-70 years 18-50 years
2 Sum Assured 200000 200000
3 Premium (Annual) Rs. 12 Rs. 330
4 Cover ceasing age 70 55
5 Maturity Benefit Nil Nil
6 Death Benefit (Not by accident) Nil 200000
7 Death Benefit (by accident) 200000 200000
8 Disability of both eye, both hands, both legs or one eye and one limb 200000 Nil
9 Disability of one eye or one limb 100000 Nil
10 Maximum cover 200000 (From any one of Bank account) 200000 (From any one of Bank account)
11 Risk Period 1st June to 31 May every year on deduction of premium 1st June to 31 May every year on deduction of premium
12 Mode of Payment Auto debit from bank account Auto debit from bank account



Both are very good social security schemes and provide a comprehensive cover to life assured if taken together in a cost of Rs. 342 annually. Readers are advised to take both the schemes together. You Just have to walk into your bank and fill the one page form each for PMSBY and PMJJBY. You can also download the forms from the link provided below in your own language.

Click Here To Download Forms of PMSBY and PMJJBY in different languages


57 thoughts to “Difference between PMSBY and PMJJBY”

  1. Please send me details of Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY), Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY)
    can LIC Agents sell this scheme to customers.

  2. sir,
    If I have take both the policies PMSBY and PMJJBY .If I Dead in an accident can my nominee get insurance amount of both policies ie 200000+200000=400000 rupees?

    1. Yes, If both the policies are taken and life assured dies due to accident then his/her nominee will get the sum of Rs. 400000 (Rs. 200000 for PMSBY + Rs. 200000 for PMJJBY)

      1. Sir I have two saving a/c one is in SBI and 2nd is in bank of broda I bought pmjjby(330) scheme from Bob , can I bought pmsby(12) scheme from sbi dear sir please reply soonsoon

  3. Sir,
    If my death has not occurred between 70 years of pmsby scheme.. then would i or my family get the insurance amount after 70 years?

        1. There is no maturity benefit in both the policies. Both are pure term policies. And yes you can take both policies together.

  4. Sir,
    The scheme of PMJJBY i.e @ Rs 330/-, 55 years is the time period for deducting the premium. But this scheme will be closed after 55 year or as & when we die , our nominee will get this benefit.
    Please clear.

  5. Sir,
    In PMJJBY and PMSBJ both schemes, person is eligible to take scheme even if he has taken different policies from some other
    insurance companies. Or these scheme is only for un insured person only.

    1. Anyone who already insured under different schemes of Insurance companies can also take PMSBY and PMJJBY schemes. There no restriction that person has to be uninsured.

  6. My husband in 50 now – suppose i take pmjjby(330) on his name now then what happens?
    the premium would have to be paid till life and coverage also?
    In such a case what does 18-50 years mean?

    1. 18-50 means only the persons between this age can take PMJJBY, its the entry age. And cover will end at the age of 55 and deduction of premium from account will be discontinued.

  7. Sir, if I take both , what will be the benefit of it. Or if my father take both what will be the benefit of it to me.

  8. If a person dies after 55 in PMJBY or after 70 years on PMSBY, then will his/her family gets the amount of 2 lacs.

  9. Hi sir,
    I Have applied both the insurances through axis bank.Unfortunately i have entered the relation ship name as to correct the relationship to husband instead of wife.

  10. sir . whether this policy only ends today. or next month also i can take these policies from bank

  11. can the bank auto debit the amount for the PMSBY from any account without the consent of the customer ?? if no, then whom to complaint regarding this ??

    1. You can register your grievance to branch head of Bank in written, if you didn’t get satisfactory reply then write to their higher office.

  12. Sir,
    I Enrolled to PMSBY through ICICI bank because it is my salary account and If I changed my salary account to some other bank or if I stopped the transactions from ICICI bank then Is this Policy will be transfer to new bank account or Do I need to continue the relationship in the same bank where it was enrolled to till 70 Years of Age.

  13. After taking this policy can I assign it to an organisation or institute?
    To explain Properly:
    I am taking educational loan and want to assign my policy assuring the same amount of policy for security purpose i.e, In case of uncertainty.

    1. You can’t assign this policy. Best way is to take a mortgage redemption policy or a term plan to fulfill your purpose.

  14. PMJJBY scheme says that one can rejoin any time by paying full amount + certificate of good health.
    Is there any minimum time period for one to restart again, post which bank itself will terminate the scheme ?

  15. Dear Sir, I’m 23 now…I want to open both the policies in June 2016.. My father is 53 and mother is 46…both are not physically who should be my nominee at this point of time?? Because my policies may continue till I’m 55 or 70 ..

    1. You can make your brother/sister as nominee at this point of time, and if you want you can change it later.

  16. Sir, I am a state govt. Servant & enrolled for PMJJBY last year. Am I eligible for this PMJJBY? Shall I continue or discontinue this scheme?

    1. You are eligible for this insurance scheme, you don’t have to worry about it. But you cannot take same scheme twice.

  17. Dear Sir, Whether bite by snake and fall from tree etc will be covered under PMSYB and PMJJYB (both) or not.
    What documentation required for claiming the amount in both cases(PMSYB&PMJJYB).

    1. Snakebite and fall from tree both come under accidents. To claim the in these policies you have to submit following documents to your bank itself
      1. Death certificate
      2. FIR, PMR, and Policy final reports for claims in accidental cases (if reported to police).
      3. Any forms which are issued by banks related to claims in PMSBY and PMJJBY.

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