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LIC Call Center Services 24X7 for LIC policyholders

Getting your policy information is very important to properly maintain your policy and pay the premium on time.  Till now Life Insurance Corporation of India does not have any Call Centre services for their customers. Though they were having LIC Customer Zones, they were operational between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Recently Life Insurance Corporation of India has started its LIC Call Centre services for 24X7.

Now it’s very easy to get your  LIC policy details through this LIC call center as I have already mentioned that LIC center is operational 24, therefore, you can can call this number at anytime at your convenience.

lic call center

To know the details about your LIC policy all you have to do is t is to call all the call centre number of LIC which is 022 6827 6827.

When the number is connected the interactive voice service (IVRS) us will ask you to choose a language, after choosing your language you will be asked to input your policy number, which is a nine digit number.  Enter your policy number through the mobile keypad or phone keypad. Confirm your policy number by dialling 1. After the number is confirmed you will be asked to enter your date of birth as already mentioned in your policy in  dd/mm/yyyy format. confirm your date of birth by pressing 1.

If your policy number and date of birth got matched you will hear the various menus.  choose the appropriate menu as per your need for the information you require. the main menu of of LIC Call Centre is is is given below

  1. Premium due
  2. Bonus
  3. Claim due
  4. Loan
  5. Anuuity
  6. Nomination
  7. Back menu
  8. Main menu
  9. Speak to customer care executive
  10. Repeat the Current menu

You can hear the information recorded voice or if you are not hot getting the information with you require you can Press 9 to speak to the customer care executive of Life Insurance Corporation of India.

This is an important change which LIC of India has brought for his for its policyholders.  Though all these services are already available through LIC web portal/ e-service.

2 thoughts to “LIC Call Center Services 24X7 for LIC policyholders”

  1. I have been trying to revive my wife’s policy since last one month under Special Revival Scheme. I have submitted all the required forms today at the branch office 934 and my agent is not knowledgeable. Can policy of sum assured 1,00,000 be revived at branch office? My agent has informed me that the approval of revival will have to be approved by Divisional Office.

    Awaiting fast response

    1. If revival is being done on basis of the special medical report or you are reviving the policy after a lapse of more than 5 years then only it will go to LIC divisional office for revival decision. If revival is being done on DGH or medical only then the decision will be given by branch only.

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