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LIC of India's Bonus rate declared for 2015-16

LIC of India have declared Bonus rate for all its with profit policies. Evert yearहिन्दी Actuarial department of LIC do valuation and declares the bonus rates. These bonus rate are applicable for policy year entered upon during the inter valuation period i.e. 01/04/2014 to 31/03/2015 and in force for full sum assured as on 31/03/2015. It would apply to policies resulting into claims by death or maturity (including those discounted within one year of maturity) or surrendered on or after 01/01/2016.

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Final additional bonus (FAB) and Loyalty addition (LA) are also declared with reversionary bonus rate. FAB and LA are not applicable to each policy. They are paid as per the policy conditions and depend upon the Sum assured and policy term.

How to calculate Bonus in your policy

Example: If you have a New Jeevan Anand Policy (Table No. 815), Sum Assured: Rs. 500000, Term: 21 years.  Bonus calculations Formula: (Sum Assured/1000)*Bonus rates
Bonus in above mentioned plan: (500000/1000)*49 = Rs. 24500.

Bonus Rate declared by LIC of India

Bonus Rate for year 2015-2016
LIC’s Bonus Rates for year 2015-2016


24 thoughts to “LIC of India's Bonus rate declared for 2015-16”

  1. i need your suggestion on LIC policy name jeevan kishore(With profit)
    102, 21 years
    vesting date:11/11/2029
    Date of comencement 10/11/2011
    sum assured :-700000
    annual premium: 31248
    how much i will get on maturity.and in case i withdraw what amount i will get now.
    a quick reply will be a great favour .
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    I have a Jeevan Saral Policy (Plan No. 165).
    table:165, term:20
    Age at the time of policy opening:27 years(29/07/2009)
    yearly premium amount:36030
    date of maturity: 01/04/2029
    sum assured is 829650
    accidental benefit sum assured 750000
    can you figure it out roughly how will i get at the time of maturity.
    Thanks in advance for this favour

  2. I have a Jeevan Saral Policy (Plan No. 165).
    Age at the time of policy opening:24 years(11/06/2013)
    yearly premium amount:31612
    Pls advise me how much ammount should i get after maturuty
    date of maturity: 14/03/2035
    my total sum is 7,93,000
    my accidental benfit is 10,00,000
    Pls guide me i want to plsn for my feature
    thank u so much.

    1. Details you have provided are little confusing, please share death sum assured in your Jeevan Saral Policy.

  3. I recd. a death claim as a Nominee on a jeevan akshay policy which clearly says With Final Bonus, but I was given the claim without any bonus . I was told the bonus ,if any, w as payable but no bonus was declared on the policy. At the time of giving the policy the bonus must have been promised so it is not fair to say now sorry no bonus was declared. I feel cheated of my rightful claim.

    1. Hello Perin,
      If you have clearly mentioned policy name ie “Jeevan Akshay” Then in “Option F” only return of purchase price available to the nominee (without any taxes, if paid). In “Option J” after annuitant pension with same rate to spouse and then return of purchase price available to nominee (without any taxes, if paid) In other option where the annuity is certain for a period (in Jeevan Akshay 5, 10, 15 and 20 years) annuity for the balance of the guaranteed period, if any is payable, depending on the choice of the annuity type. There is no provision of bonus in this policy. Please read the benefits of Jeevan Akshay here

  4. I have purchased policy named Jeevan Pragati…Policy Term ID 16 years sum assured id Rs 500000 and yearly premium is 34873. Please tell me the estimated maturity at 16th year. Premium is payable for 16 years.Age of person assured is 44 years

  5. Hi Sir,
    My name is Rajesh Nair, Policy No394471883 Started on 22.09.2009 at the age 34 years with Rs, 9,097 as half yearly payment and Payment term is 15 year.My sum assured is 3,75,000/- Kindly inform me regarding when it will be maturity and how much money will get and how long this premium will continue? Kindly advice

  6. I have received a call form GBI. Stating that i have received approximately Less then 1 lakh loyalty bonus by LIC. They want me to pay 20000 thousand for new customer ID & they were asking me to transfer 20000 /- for creating customer ID and return the same with in a week to my Bank Acc.
    they want me to transfer the amount to Bandhan solutions & even want me to send the below Docs 1. Addhar Card, Pan card & Passport photo. to this ID [email protected].
    Is LIC declare loyalty bonus to Policy holders or they give bonus to particular Policys.
    Pl. help me Out and if it fake call. I will provide the Mobile no.

    1. Dear Raghu,
      It’s yet another fraud call. Just avoid any payment to them. LIC of India or any other insurance company never ask for money to give you bonus. Just report the matter to your service branch and don’t provide any information to anyone on phone nor send any mail with your documents if asked.

  7. Please calculate FAB for 75-20 plan for SA 30000,maturity date 15/07/2016 ,date of commencement 15/07/1996.Thank You.

    I have received a call form GBI. Stating that i have received approximately Less then 1 lakh loyalty bonus by LIC. They want me to pay 20000 thousand for new customer ID & they were asking me to transfer 20000 /- for creating customer ID and return the same with in a week to my Bank Acc.
    [email protected]


  10. s.a. rs. 300000/= three lacs ( 14/29 endowment plan) at maturity how much recieved toal amt

  11. Dear Pawan Kumar,
    Thanks in advance or your help!
    Do you know when the Vested Bonus will be declared for FY 15-16?
    I wish to take a Child plan for my son for his future benefit. (i.e. Education) Which Policy Suits for my son?
    Please advise. Thanks,
    Best Regards,
    Suresh G

    1. Any policy which gives you a regular return when your child will take his/her higher studies. LIC’s Jeevan Tarun and Children Money back plans are good options.

  12. I started endowment policy in the year 2001 for Rs 1,00,000/- for 15 years. My quarterly premium is rs 1915/-. How much terminal benefit I will get at maturity 0n 12.12.2016.

  13. Hello Sir,
    I have Jeevan Saral Policy 165 Plan. Premium is INR 15,000 Yearly and term year is 16.
    sum assured is on receipt INR 3, 12,500 Rs. So Could you tell me as my executive told me you can submit payment of 15,000 rs. for 10 years and wait for another 6 year. After the Date of Maturity (16 Year) you will get approx 6.5 Lacs. is it true? How can i calculate. My Executive is not picking my phone and even never came to meet.

    1. After completion of 10 years, if you surrender the Jeevan Saral policy, you will get MSA of the corresponding year and Loyalty addition declared in that particular year for term completed by your policy. If you have taken the policy of 16 years of the term, then MSA written on your policy bond is for the 16-year term. And if you will discontinue the premium after 10 years, you will only get accumulated value of MSA of 10 years, which will be less than the MSA of 16 years. I will not recommend discontinuing your premium as you will not get risk cover in that case.

  14. hello sir i have purchase jivan kishor policy plan 102 in feb 16 for the term 15 years sum assured 1,15,000.00. premium amount is 3906.00 hly. how much approximately amount i will get on maturity.

  15. Hi, I got a new Bima Gold policy in 2005, SA 5 LACC and term 12 years. Annual premium 28232. As per the policy, I got 75000 on end of 4th and 8th year.This year will be the last installment. Can I know what is the Loyalty addition for this policy? What has it been for the last few years, if you could share the details please.

    1. No loyalty addition declared yet in Bima Gold policy, it may be declared in next financial year as the policies will start maturing.


    1. Loyalty addition in Jeevan Saral is payable only after 10 years. Loyalty addition is payable on the exit of the policy only(by way of surrender, maturity or death claim) and never shown in the policy status.

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