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Revival campaign for lapse lic policies

Special revival campaign of LIC now extended

Special revival campaign of Life Insurance Corporation of India for revival of lapsed policy which was earlier launched from 01/09/2015 to 31/10/2015 has been extended up to 30/11/2015. This will help the policy holders to revive their policies with concession in late fee. During this campaign policy holders of Life Insurance Corporation of India will get the concession in late fee up to 30% and relaxation of some health requirements.

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Policy Holders can revive their policy from any branch if the there is no health requirements other than DGH (Declaration of Good Health) of FMR (Full Medical Report). If there are any other health requirement then customer has to visit the servicing branch to revive the policy.

Revival Campaign
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Individual Policies and Health Policies which are eligible for revival in this revival campaign

  1. Lapsed policies under all type of plans are eligible except Micro insurance Plans. ULIP policies under Plan 802,803,804,811 which are discontinued as per policy conditions are eligible for revival.
  2. Policies which are in lapsed condition for more than 6 months from FUP as on date of revival.
  3. Policies issued through all distribution channels.
  4. Policies which are in lapsed condition during the premium paying term and not completed policy term as on the date of revival.
  5. Policies under Plan 805 and 806 can be revived within 1 year from FUP.
  6. Revival of policies with FUP more than 5 years as on the date of revival will be done as per the rules. However such policies will be eligible for late fee concession.
  7. Policies under all types of Health plans are allowed under this revival campaign.
  8. Policies which are in lapsed condition for more than 15 days for Monthly mode/ECS mode and One month for policies with other than monthly mode, but less than 2 years from FUP as on 01.09.2015 will be eligible.

This is very good opportunity for policy holders, and must take benefit of this revival campaign

22 thoughts to “Special revival campaign of LIC now extended”

  1. My 2 policies are lapsed and their no. is 151092457 & 151092459. Due date was 28/04/15. I want to revive them. pl. help and also inform the mode of payment with cumulative amount.

    1. Your policy do not require revival, just visit any branch and pay outstanding premium, or just pay online.

  2. Dear Sirs
    I am told that the special revival campaign has been extended till February 2016. Can you please confirm this? I have few endowment policies for which premiums have to be paid half-yearly. However, I have not paid premium for the last two half years which were due in February 2015 and September 2015. Can I revive these policies by payment of the outstanding premium plus interest under the special revival campaign.

    1. Yes, LIC of India has decided to relaunch its special revival campaign from 01/01/2016 to 29/02/2016. Use this opportunity to revive your lapse policies.

    1. You can revive your policy in this special revival campaign, but your policy is lapsed for quite a long time, visit nearest branch to get the revival quotation and see the details regarding total amount to be paid to revive your policy, then take decision of revival.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am having a Jeevan Surakshya Policy with yearly contribution of Rs 10000/-. Due to my Job transfer, I could not be able to deposit premium due on 30th March’15 in time. How ever, I was paying premium regularly by default prior to due date. Today , I have deposited premium, but an interst amount of Rs 890/- is charged to me.
    Requested to give me concession by considering interest waival.
    Waiting for your kind response pl.

    1. Pradip,
      Please send your request to concern branch. This is a blog related to information about insurance and LIC only.

  4. Dear Sir
    I am having a LIC policy paln no 90 SA 1000000 DOC 28/01/2003 BUT I Did not pay premium since April 2010 May I REVIVE MY Policy in sprcial revival scheme ?

  5. After going to LIC branch, the concerned person has directed for medical check up.and also doctor’s name. Doctor required request form. Which office to go

    1. A medical checkup is required according to the age of the policyholder at the time of revival please mention your age and sum assured to be revived so that I can guide you with forms and procedure.

  6. Dear sir,
    My policy number 704599866
    And 704599862 these two policy are lapsed sir I want to revive these lapsed policy
    Is it possible sir

  7. H S Bhandari Policy no. 116515795 Is i am eligible for special revival with 30% discount in Late fees

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